Saturday, February 24, 2007

First week at Timberley

A few posts back, I mentioned I had got a new job - a PPA (teacher prep time) coverage position at Timberley Primary School. My job would be to take over a teacher's classroom for half the day while they do their preparation, planning, and marking elsewhere. Having had my own class in September, I understand how precious this time-out-of-class is.

Before lunch, the lessons I teach include Numeracy (Maths) and Literacy. After lunch it seems to be Geography and Religious Education! Yup, good old RE! (One lesson had the children draw pictures of what Jesus looked like! Apparently sometimes he needed swords and clubs in his ministry!)

I am finding that the teachers tend to give me the lesson plan on the day, so that I can quickly read it and teach it....kinda a skill. Unfortunately, my dream of "no prep/no marking" was quickly crushed, as I now have to mark the lessons I teach (which kinda makes sense...)

The coolest thing about Timberley is that last Thursday they held a disco for the kids! Pumping loud music, sweets and hot dogs and pizza, and everyone dancing their heart out - all the children got to dress up in their dance/posh clothes and have a good time. Who says school is all about reading, writing, and arithmetic?! Its also about rhythm, rocking, and rolling!!!


amy said...

Well, that's nice to hear WHAT you're doing, but are you enjoying it? Do you like what you're doing, happy that you're a teacher?? Hope so :) What are the kids like overall? It doesn't sound like they're too extreme one way or another....
Okay, here we have public school and private schools, the latter of which we pay for, and also boarding schools. According to what I understand from your dad, what is "private" here is "public" there... But I'm still unsure... what exactly is what? And what is Timberly?? Just wondering cuz you said R.E., which they wouldn't have here in public schools. Anyhow, I'm taking up a lot of comment space, gotta go!

Peter Bond said...

These are good questions Amy! I'll post again soon about the children and classes themselves.
Public school over here means school you pay for. State schools are payed by the gov and that is what I teach in (aka public in Canada).
Yeah RE is new to me. I was so surprised that I was to teach that as I have had no training and don't know much about other religions myself! But that is what makes RE good: it exposes kids to many many religions from all over the world! And in these days more religious tolerance and understanding would go a long way!

Kirstin said...

I love how you say "sweets" and "Posh". Very British of you!