Thursday, February 15, 2007

Do you smell smoke?

It is 11:00 pm here in the UK, and the building two doors down from me is on fire.

After hearing shouts and sirens, I poked my head out the door and was greeted with a spectacle of flashing lights and the smell of smoke. Fire trucks were stopped outside of my house with crowds of tipsy merry-makers from the Legion pointing and gasping. So I went inside and grabbed my camera!

Firemen entering the house

The house two doors down had a plume of white smoke pouring from the roof. Fire fighters in full gear observed the situation, then busted into the boarded up building. Smoke billowed out of the open door and hoses were brought in. The building was empty and had just been sold.

The firetrucks outside the Legion

Smoke and lights fill the house on fire.
My house is behind the white car!

The situation is still ongoing, and I'll update you all once it's finished. I should be safe...

Albany Road - completely blocked off


Marianne said...

Yikes! Go fill the bathtub with water or something...
I'm sure the pub would be a safer place tonight ;)

Marianne said...

Peter!! Did your place burn down or what?!
Hey about those giant spiders: it's a good thing our oxygen concentration is lower today, so with their book lungs and tracheal systems they should suffocate pretty quickly.
Ja, I know, that was geeky...
By the way, Kleopatra should be getting in touch with you soon about Greece. JiBe's having a birthday party in Paris at the end of April - wanna come?!

Randi said...

Wow, that could be a bit scary. Quit setting fire to things Peter!!!