Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Day in the Life of a Brummie

Well today's been an interesting day in the life of Me: Birmingham Resident.
It all began with a flame...

The flame I mean is the one inside the boiler tank of my flat. It went out yesterday, leaving the six roommates without hot water or, more importantly, heat. Heat isn't usually a problem, but on this night of nights, the temperature outside had dropped to a chilly -4 C and the house was-a-cold!

After a chilly start to the day (boy did I want to stay in my warm cozy bed), I took the hour-long bus ride to Timberley School to find I would be teaching reception this morning. For those not English, reception = kindergarten! What a blast! It was Cameron's 5th birthday, so we all sang and hugged. Then we read Jack and the Beanstalk and put the story in order! Then it was Numeracy (or maths or math for the non-English) and we spent the entire lesson cutting out shapes with scissors! And without cutting or stabbing anyone!
The afternoon was in the dreaded year 4 class that I don't like...but I won't talk about it as it frustrates me.

After a good day at work, I enjoy a good commute home. Unfortunately, someone HAD to call in a bomb scare in the conference center and the police HAD to evacuate and seal off the downtown core of Birmingham, making my bus detour around the entire city. This added 30 minutes to my commute...not so bad considering if it was a real bomb!

This leads me up to now, where any second the skies will open and we shall receive our first big snowfall! We have a heavy snow warning out there and it is set to fall all night and into the morning commute, paralyzing Brummies (who act very much like Vancouverites do when they get a little snow!) Should be a fun morning tomorrow...

...I'm kinda hopping school will be closed and I can play in the snow. Ah snow. And who says my life here in Brum isn't exciting!


Anonymous said...

You're so funny, you've got such a delightful story-telling ability!! Well, Sorry to hear about the frigid temperatures, but pile on sweaters (brits seem to be good at that!) and I'm sure you'll live through it :) Did you get your day of snow?
And thanks for the translations.... for a split second I thought you were working as a secretary :D
love ya!

JV said...

i hope you get your first big snowfall... but only if you've fixed your boiler.
good work with the scissors!!