Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day to Paleontologists!

Well, I've discovered my new love ...... and she is Primeval, a new show on ITV in Britain! It is a new sci-fi show where scientists discover rifts in time and have to deal with the creatures that escape and run havoc! Check out the official website here.

The first episode (which you can see on YouTube here) has the group of scientists deal with monsters from the Permian period - Scutosaurus and a Gorgonopsid! Next week's episode guest stars bugs from the Carboniferous! You guessed it: Arthroplura and Giant Spiders!

1 comment:

Prehistoric Insanity said...

yeNow I wanna watch it!!!

I STILL don't have bloody internet!!!

Picking up a lot of Kiwi slang though... Which is sweet as

Had a REAL busy week, and so still haven't gotten to think too much on your script, but I promise it'll happen...