Sunday, February 18, 2007

Double Feature

I when to the movie theater last night and saw two films: Blood and Chocolate and Hot Fuzz.

Blood and Chocolate is a dark simple film about werewolves in Bucharest, Romania. A gorgeous werewolf girl falls in love with a penniless comic book artist, but she is destined to be the mate of the Head of the Pack, King Werewolf! Whatever will she do? Well, you'll need to watch it to find out. All I'll say is that there is lots of blood in the movie, but no chocolate... which is blatant false advertising! 3/5 stars.

If Blood and Chocolate was the appetizer, than the main attraction was Hot Fuzz! I've been excited to see Hot Fuzz for the last 4 months since I moved to England. It is the next film made by Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and director Edgar Wright - the guys who made Shawn of the Dead a few years back. They also made a fantastic TV show called Spaced.

As Shawn of the Dead was a send up of zombie movies, Hot Fuzz pays homage to action movies (Bad Boys, Point Break, Lethal Weapons, Die Hards, Matrix, and Clint Eastwoods are all mentioned!)

It stars Pegg as police officer Nicholas Angel who is transfered from London to the small town of Sandford because his record was 400% better than the rest of the London Met and he was making them look bad! So he's off to the small town where the worst thing that happens is that the swan escapes... or is it?

He soon partners up with Frost's bumbling small-town cap Danni Butterman to solve murders using as many guns and explosions as possible! Not only is there a ton of action in Hot Fuzz, there is also a hilarious film ("By the power of Grayskull!" is used twice!). Is it better than Shaun of the Dead? At this point, I'd say yes! It captures everything you love about the buddy cop action films from the 80's-90's, and brings it to the next comedy level!

Best film of the year! far (it's only February!) Hot Fuzz 6/5 kick-ass stars!


Lisa said...

What?! No update yet?? You do know you have fans that check your site on a daily basis, right? Cause, yeah, I do.
- Lisa

Peter Bond said...

Oh, well! I should get on that then! Cheers!