Thursday, February 08, 2007

Snow Day

Well the skies have opened and we've been covered by 15cm of the white stuff - snow! For those still in suspense, all the schools in Birmingham closed today...and will stay closed tomorrow! And the next week! (Though that's due to the half-term break, not the snow!)

So how did I celebrate my day off? Well, I slept in! After a strange dream of running around with police and playing tag with a hula-hoop (I don't know why!), I woke up to the cold - the boiler was off again! Called the landlord and he came over and fixed it again...We shall see how long this 'fix' will last.

After watching Little Miss Sunshine (which was hilarious!) my roommates came back early and we all decided to head to the pub where it was nice and warm. It's been a few hours and a few pitchers since then and I am feeling a bit wobbly as I write this.

I also picked up a bunch of travel guidebooks from the library today, so I'm going to spend tomorrow reading up on Spain, Portugal, Greece, and the UK. This is because decisions need to be made. Plans are coming together: after traveling somewhere for a bit in July and August, I'm going to meet up with my good friend Greg (from Vancouver) in Lisbon, Portugal! We are going to experience Spain and it's tomato festival before doing a bit of London sight-seeing. Can't wait!

Until then I'll be enjoying my time off in the snow!


Marianne said...

Peter, I feel your pain. My boiler has quit 11 times already this winter... while it's fun to have so much history around you in Europe, having antique boilers is not. I have grown very attached to my hot water bottle ;) Beer works too, of course... if you don't have to write exams!

stephanie said...

peter vs. the hoola hoop. part 1. who won?

Lisa said...

Snow? That's just crazy! Check out my site Pete! There's a video from our Buffalo Club show last Wed. Steve Wade was there!!

Peter Bond said...

Oh, I won, steph. The hoop didn't stand a chance.