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Monday, May 25, 2009

My Amazing Acting

This post is guarantied to be slightly embarrasing for me. But let's throw caution to the wind - as it is insanely funny!

Delta Patrol is a film that I helped make in 2006, and it is currently being edited by Craig at Prehistoric Insanity. He needs your help deciding which version of the following clip to use in the movie, ie. which version is funniest. Oh boy...


Click here to vote on your favorite version!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Art Prehistoria #1: Megalosaur

Art Prehistoria - a new feature on my blog where I detail the process behind creating piece of art, from sketch to signature. The prehistoric theme is by no means meant to be restrictive but inspiring. I also just love to draw dinosaurs!

Our first piece of art is a life reconstruction of a generic megalosaur for The Tyrannosaur Chronicles blog's post on New Zealand dinosaur fossils:

First, I sketch a few different thumbnail sketches until I am satisfied with a pose. Using the skeleton and anatomical reference pictures, I decided on a menacing walking pose with its mouth open. This initial pencil sketch was changed and tweaked quite a bit before I was happy with it...

Next, I outlined the pencil sketch in black pen ink. This is the final (happier-looking) pose.

I had decided that this New Zealand Dino project would be created in watercolour. Here, I apply a base coat of watercolour paint over the body. The black ink begins to run with the water...

Then, I add more detail in fine watercolour lines and the black pen is used to smooth out the seeping ink...

A Megalosaur by Peter Bond

Finally, I add the third fingers, small details, a shadow and a signature, and we are done the first piece of Art Prehistoria. I am quite pleased and taken with the little theropod! Artistic and scientific feedback and suggestions are much, much appreciated!

More from the New Zealand Collection soon - including a sauropod and a raptor...
Check out Prehistoric Insanity Production's blog for this and more palaeoart from PI's team!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

BLUEBELL WOODS - a new film by Bond

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I have finished the final cut of BLUEBELL WOODS, my hour-long action/drama cop/killer film set in Birmingham, England! After a month of writing, a month of filming, and over three months and countless hours of editing, Albany Road Studios' second official film is ready to be released to the world!

Please take an hour and sit down. Watch my film, and let me know what you think! Comments will help my next project...

Therefore, on behalf of Albany Road Studios and Prehistoric Insanity Productions, please enjoy BLUEBELL WOODS:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

I hope you enjoyed BLUEBELL WOODS!

Monday, November 12, 2007

The Trailer for Bluebell Woods - My New Film!

Confession time...

Some of you may know that I consider myself somewhat of an amateur filmmaker. All through my life, I've been dabbling in the motion picture arts - stop motion dinosaurs, high school book reports, crazy comedy skits, and epic sci-fi movies. And now action films.

While in England, I formed a production company called Albany Road Studios, under which I have made two films - the second I am about to release!

The time has come to announce the completion of my new film, Bluebell Woods. It is an action/drama cop/killer film with plenty of strong language and violence.

Below is the movie trailer for Bluebell Woods:

The final completed film is coming soon. Within a week or so, I'll 'release' (through YouTube) Bluebell Woods. I love writing, filming, and editing films! (Check out the Albany Road Studios blog here for my first film - Tony's Empire!)

Let me know what you think of the trailer for Bluebell Woods!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Film is Finished!

"Better than Good!"
"Not that bad!"
"Well, I've seen better!"
"Well done, son!"
"Best film I've ever seen ..... in the last 20 minutes!"
"Exciting in parts!"
"I liked the good bits!"

These and many others are actual comments made by actual people who have seen this actual film!

Tony's Empire: Harborne Hitmen is a 23 minute shortish action/comedy/gangster no-budget film, staring my roommates and myself "acting" as mafioso gangsters and hitmen. Shot entirely on location in Birmingham, England, the movie tells the dark tale of a group of mob friends that suspect one of them is an undercover cop. But which one? I play the gang's boss - Tony - who deals with the dirty rat.

WARNING: The film is rated R due to constant strong language (swearing) and scenes of violence and torture (with a knife!) Viewer discretion is advised...

Watch it now on YouTube below. It is in three parts, so make sure you watch them all!
Tony's Empire - Part 1
Tony's Empire - Part 2
Tony's Empire - Part 3

This is the first official film I have ever solely directed and edited and I am quite proud of it! Please let me know what you think! Tell me your favorite part and which part could be better!
All this will help me the next time... (can anyone smell a sequel?!...)

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy Tony's Empire: Harborne Hitmen!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Cat Bodyguards

On the heals of "Bad Sushi" comes "Cat Bodyguards," an even less serious short film created by Prehistoric Insanity Productions in 2004. This film was shot and edited in under an hour in the mansion where we lived in Drumheller.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Traumador the Amazing Tyrannosaur

I would like to take this moment to announce that I have taken on a new client: Traumador the Tyrannosaur!

As his new Special Talent Agent, I'll be handling his accounts, managing his talents, and increasing his marketability. I promise to promote his skills and crafts, so that Traumador achieves his maximum potential. All this for only my small sizable fee and complete power of attorney. After our meeting at the bar (Check it out here! ), the tyrannosaur signed the standard contract.

For those of you not familiar with Traumador the Tyrannosaur, he is a carnivorous dinosaur on the verge of making it big...Although his size is rather small. He is friendly and talented, helpful and curious. You might remember him from such films as "The Hardcore Apocalypse after Next Tuesday" and "Delta Patrol!"

You can now catch him staring in his own blog at "The Traum Blog!"

Check it out and experience the Trauma for yourself!

Monday, August 28, 2006

An Update on the Summer - Hot!

Here is an update on my summer in Drumheller:

So far this summer, I've had a million mosquito bites, teepees blown down, crying children, and a really good time!

There have been 6 camps this summer - two junior camps (age 9-11), two family camps (adults and kids), and two senior camps (age 12-14), each about a week long. My job as a camp counselor includes taking care of a teepee full of kids, teaching them about dinosaurs and Alberta prehistory, taking care of homesick kids, ADD kids, jerky kids, dino-weenie kids, doodler kids, space-cadet kids, lurker kids, bedwetting kids and kids who "literally" hate all types of food. Three kids stand out:

-Kid A = Fun-loving tiny kid who loved every moment in life ("5 minutes left before lights-out?!!! Yes!!!!") but did everything super-slooooooow.
-Kid B = Large chubby kid who always had his shoelaces untied (grrrrr!) and said he "literally hates _________" (insert healthy food item here) and cried at the dinner table.
-Kid C = Worst of the lot. Tall thin dumb BO problem who would not stop interrupting and would always lurk and try to get extra juice or dessert. He'd use his height to bully others and would always stand WAY to close to you. We had him sign a contract requiring him to behave or we would call his folks and send him home! I only wish we could have sent him...

Other than work, the summer has been lots of fun. Drumheller is getting bigger each year - they now have a Walmart! But still no Starbucks...

The crew has begun and filmed another movie, this one a space police flick about 5 cops patrolling a tiny mining planet in the backwater of the Universe, called "Delta Patrol: Space Cops!" I play an easygoing cop (Deputy Ethan Moda) who's planet was destroyed in the Arthris Wars and now fights the good fight, but wears a bad tie. Expect to see it in about a year!

These last two months have flown by and it's almost time to head back to the real world. I'll post some photos of the summer soon.

Peanut Butter Out!