Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Traumador the Amazing Tyrannosaur

I would like to take this moment to announce that I have taken on a new client: Traumador the Tyrannosaur!

As his new Special Talent Agent, I'll be handling his accounts, managing his talents, and increasing his marketability. I promise to promote his skills and crafts, so that Traumador achieves his maximum potential. All this for only my small sizable fee and complete power of attorney. After our meeting at the bar (Check it out here! ), the tyrannosaur signed the standard contract.

For those of you not familiar with Traumador the Tyrannosaur, he is a carnivorous dinosaur on the verge of making it big...Although his size is rather small. He is friendly and talented, helpful and curious. You might remember him from such films as "The Hardcore Apocalypse after Next Tuesday" and "Delta Patrol!"

You can now catch him staring in his own blog at "The Traum Blog!"

Check it out and experience the Trauma for yourself!


nathalie said...

some people have kids, others take on dinosaurs... i´ve heard that some are carnivores so watch out for them teeth.

amy said...

Wow, you sure do interesting things in your spare time... either that you're incredibly bored :P Tonight Three Broads and a Baritone have their second out of three shows at Presentation House in N. Van, and I'm stuck at home writing an essay for English on a Friday night. Blah! Hope you're doing somthing a ton more fun that I am!!
take care, and don't get too downhearted by those rufians!