Monday, November 20, 2006

Bond, James Bond

I went to see Casino Royal last night at the local cinema. And it was good! But different, not at all like the past James Bond movies!

STOP READING if you don't want to any spoilers!

This movie takes Bond back to his first ever mission. (Which is a bit weird because M is still Dame Judy Dench, but there is no Q or Moneypenny.)

Anyway, it shows him as an intense no-nonsense secret agent, who is dealing with how close to let the women into his life. Some good special effects (with no stupid CGI iceberg surfing!) and some great stunts, make it a definite Bond film...but it was missing a good opening song and the standard silhouetted dancing ladies.

How times change. Less gadgets, less comedy, less Bond-quips ("Shocking"), but more reality...

At least it is not the appalling 1967 Casino Royal, staring David Niven, Peter Sellers, Orsen Wells, and Woody Allen. Please don't see that movie. See this one instead. Please.


JV said...

i saw that movie on friday night!
it was (i will admit it) my first ever Bond movie.

i enjoyed it and its mildly cheesier aspects... i saw it with my friend who's a doctor at the hospital where i work and we laughed so hard when he saves himself from death! PRESS THE RED BUTTON!!!

my friend laughed so hard the lady beside her yelled at her!

it was good fun.

Anonymous said...

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Dave said...

All things considered, I think I'll scratch my ball itches myself.

Anonymous said...

eww. dave, that's just too gross.

Eric said...

Monika and I saw it on Friday. Can't say I liked it that much. Craig was good, but I thought a lot of the second half was super boring.