Sunday, November 05, 2006

My 15 Minutes of Fame

About a year ago, I was an extra in the motion picture "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" which was filmed in Vancouver. I played a cop in one scene and a soldier in the finale, and now the movie has come out on DVD. I have created some screen-captured photographs of myself in the movie (remember to click on the pics to enlarge them).

The first scene I am in is where the mutant Angel jumps from the Wall Center and flies over the crowd.

There I am, the San Francisco PD officer standing by the road. (Definitely me!)

Here is the back of my head! (Definitely my ear!)

This is the view of the crowd from the top of the Wall Center. You can see the crowd with me, at the top of the pic, standing by Burrard Street.

Here is the whole scene together from the movie:

The other scene I am in is the movie's finale. I am a soldier in the US Army defending Alcatraz from invading Brotherhood of Mutants. My plastic gun explodes and I back away slowly.

Here my gun explodes. (Could be me...all grunts look the same...)

Here I am backing away slowly. (Not really sure which one is me...somewhere down left)

There you go! My other film/TV credits include I, Robot, Catwoman, 88 Minutes, Smallville, Killer Instinct, Dead Zone, The 4400, the Hardcore Apocalypse after Next Tuesday, and Delta Patrol (coming soon)!

So keep your eyes peeled for me, Extra-Extraordinaire, on a screen near you!


Marianne said...

Are you sure you have a combined 15 mins? ;)

I like your work, Peter. Very believable. You make it look easy. It's a crime you haven't been nominated.

I still think Phoenix was sexier as Jean...

Weapon of Mass Imagination said...

You think you'd have listed Hardcore After Tuesday and Delta Patrol earlier in your resume... We did give you a REAL part :P

Hopefully have some of those up on youtube shortly for you to link to Peter.

stephanie said...

sorry for the yelling!

JV said...

you're right - that is DEFINITELY your ear!