Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Film is Finished!

"Better than Good!"
"Not that bad!"
"Well, I've seen better!"
"Well done, son!"
"Best film I've ever seen ..... in the last 20 minutes!"
"Exciting in parts!"
"I liked the good bits!"

These and many others are actual comments made by actual people who have seen this actual film!

Tony's Empire: Harborne Hitmen is a 23 minute shortish action/comedy/gangster no-budget film, staring my roommates and myself "acting" as mafioso gangsters and hitmen. Shot entirely on location in Birmingham, England, the movie tells the dark tale of a group of mob friends that suspect one of them is an undercover cop. But which one? I play the gang's boss - Tony - who deals with the dirty rat.

WARNING: The film is rated R due to constant strong language (swearing) and scenes of violence and torture (with a knife!) Viewer discretion is advised...

Watch it now on YouTube below. It is in three parts, so make sure you watch them all!
Tony's Empire - Part 1
Tony's Empire - Part 2
Tony's Empire - Part 3

This is the first official film I have ever solely directed and edited and I am quite proud of it! Please let me know what you think! Tell me your favorite part and which part could be better!
All this will help me the next time... (can anyone smell a sequel?!...)

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy Tony's Empire: Harborne Hitmen!


Prehistoric Insanity said...

Excellent work Mr. Bond!

I'd only minus it points in my review because I'm so used to kiwi accents now (with their inability to articulate vowel sounds of ANY kind) I couldn't understand half your cast at times with their rich English accents.

Good work to the whole crew!

Makes me nostalgic for my now 8 month dead camcorder... and the tyrrell film making gang...

Good luck on a sequel... or prequel? Kinda hard for a reprisal cast if their all dead :P

Anonymous said...

I loved how the movie turned out! Very entertaining - good use of multiple angle shots and music!!! Well done you!!!

Bond said...

Thanks guys, It was a blast making it, and we will try to get another in the can before I leave in a few months!
We were in London this weekend and we told our waiter we were in a movie, and he asked us to sign the bill!