Sunday, June 03, 2007

Two Weeks in Vancouver - Part 1

Well, I am suffering from Jet Lag.

Yup, it is 5:30am Monday morning and I've been awake since 3am. My internal clock is so backwards right now, I'll be snoozing by lunchtime. And since I go back to work today, I'll be slugging back the tea - milk and 3 sugars!

North Vancouver

What a trip it was...! While I wasn't able to catch-up with everyone I wanted to, I did manage to see most of my friends and family, along with some old friends from high school and university! The main reason I returned back to my hometown of Vancouver is that my cousin was getting married. Other events such as my sister's digital graphic design grad show and meeting my friends new baby punctuated the trip.

Downtown Vancouver

I also got into a car accident, stood on top of the Province/Vancouver Sun building, and got a tattoo.

Yup, I'm a rebel.

I've wanted a tattoo for ages and now seemed like the right time. But what should I get? I needed something that symbolized me. Something that I could and wanted to live with for the rest of my life. Something that spoke of my love of art. Something that spoke of my love science and palaeontology. Something strong and exciting. Something Canadian. Something I drew myself.

Last Friday, my sister and our two cousins from the UK accompanied me to the Sacred Heart Tattoo Studio on Davies Street, where I met Paul. My sister joined me in the tattooing room as Paul began the process. After photocopying my drawing onto a transfer sheet, he applied the transfer and began the tattoo. How did it feel? Constant, slight, prickly pain. A bit like scraping the point of a knife over your skin. After the first few minutes, you become used to it. In fact, I could totally get another one... but not yet! My tattoo took one hour to do. And it looks great. Better than great - awesome! I love the amount of detail Paul was able to include!

My tattoo has begun to scab and flake off (it's supposed to!) and I'm putting on some skin lotion to keep it moist. Soon, it will be completely healed and I'll post some pics!

The main reason I returned was my cousin's wedding, which was held at Burnaby Lake. My two cousins on Mom's side (Dave and Naomi) living in the UK along with my Mom's sister stayed with us for the wedding. It was great to catch up with them (I will be seeing them in a few weeks in London for the Daft Punk concert at Hyde Park!)

Dave and I had to become the MCs for the wedding at the last minute because the original MC became unavailable. We were able to do a decent job, doing toasts, calling which table goes next for food, and announcing the dances... It was my second MC gig. The first was MCing the wedding of this bride's sister - my other cousin!

More stories to follow, but safe to say I had a great time back home! Thanks to Mom, Dad, Sis, and all my friends! Stay tuned for more...


Mitch said...

Site looks good! As does the Tattoo, of course ;)

Jewels said...

ummm car accident??? hope all is okay? I'm assuming so.

Looks like you got some stellar weather while visiting home too.

looking forward to seeing pics of your tattoo!


Cameron W said...

Rock on Mr.Bond!

I miss the west coast.

Museum is fun. Lots of great staff. I tell them all of my bad jokes and they politely laugh until I explain that I know they're not funny, and they promptly stop.

amy said...

wow! car accident? who was that with? How's the car, since I assume all occupants are alive and well?
I didn't really have any clue how to make a website look "cooler", but by golly, you've definately suceeded! It looks awesome!
Again, it was great to see you, and it's too bad that you didn't get to see everyone on your list, but hey, that's the down side of having so many people love you!

Marianne said...

Did I miss it, or did you not tell us WHERE you got your tattoo?! I am curious...
Great to hear that you had a good time, I love the message you guys left on my phone. "Lookout, Lookout, Westcoast is coming!" Hehehe...
Don't you love insider jokes?