Monday, February 12, 2007

Born this Day: Charles Darwin

Happy Darwin Day, everyone!

born: February 12, 1809

Today marks the 198th birthday of Charles Darwin, the naturalist who explained the theory of evolution through natural selection. His famous book, On the Origin of Species, revolutionized modern biology and the World - showing how all organisms are related! A short video about Charles Darwin's life can be seen here.

To celebrate the birth of Darwin, I will relate my visit to his birthplace - Shrewsbury. Way back in the beginning of November, I took a tour of the Midlands area with Kate, Renata, and their friend during my first half-term break. It was such a thrill to visit this small English town and to stand outside the front door of the house in which Darwin was born!
Darwin's front door!

Shrewsbury high street

The Darwin Gate - strange memorial to the great man...

Myself, Kate's friend, and Kate under Darwin's Gate

Walking through this beautiful town, you start to notice Darwin everywhere: Darwin's Gate, Darwin High School, Darwin Street, Darwin Manhole Cover, ....... even Darwin Shopping Center!
Come shop at the Darwin Shopping Center - "Evolution: half-price!"

Then I found the man himself! Charles Darwin was sitting in a chair outside the local college. After asking him permission, I was allowed to get a picture of Darwin and myself. One more of Life's little things to cross off my List!

Me 'n' Charles!

Interestingly, this same statue was going to be placed in London's Natural History Museum in the most important position on the main staircase. Unfortunately, when the statue was placed high up, Darwin's shoe looked so large that it dominated the view! Darwin's shoe overshadowed Darwin! And so it was that Sir Richard Owen took Charles Darwin's rightful central spot, and Darwin was relegated to the museums cafeteria!
Darwin's Infamous Shoe

Happy Birthday, Big Guy!


Carrie said...

Hey Peter,

Thought this site went well with your last post! I am enjoying your posts so keep them coming!!


Anonymous said...

If you examine the issue more closely you will see that the concept of natural selection was actually first proposed by a creationist.

It is also fair to say that the evolutionary position is not valid.

Peter Bond said...


How is it possibly fair to say that the "evolutionary position" or evolution is not valid?

Your link (from a creationism website) only states that Darwin may have used other's ideas when writing about natural selection. How does this invalidate evolution?

I challenge you, anonymous, to find whatever problems with evolution that your link states - from another NON-conservative NON-creationist website.

Check this one out:

coneshell said...

Happy Birthday Charles ! ! !
and . . . thanks a lot