Saturday, February 03, 2007

Movie Buff

It is true. I do love films! I just saw The Fountain and was thrilled by its direction style. I found this quiz online and had to take it. I recommend you do too!...
Your Movie Buff Quotient: 84%

You are a movie buff of the most obsessive variety. If a movie exists, chances are that you've seen it.
You're an expert on movie facts and trivia. It's hard to stump you with a question about film.


Dave said...

Alas, I only scored 70%, though I did only include movies I've seen all the way through. This excludes quite a few partials. However, I did spot a spelling mistake in a movie title, does that count!

stephanie said...

ha! 36% beat that, suckers!
do i get extra points because i know that i'm not really a movie buff?