Sunday, February 11, 2007

One Year Later - One Rockin' Band

As some of you may know, my sister -Lisa- is the lead-singer of the North Vancouver band One Year Later! About a week ago, they played at the Buffalo Club:

Luckily, someone recorded them playing one of their songs, and Lisa has posted the video on her myspace site. Please check it out here! (You'll need to scroll down.) It rocks! I've also put it here, below. I am one proud big brother... other news, I joined my housemates in participating in the "Harborne Mile." This event is a pub crawl which hits most pubs along Harborne High Street: Oneill's, The White Horse, Harborne Stores, The Vine, The Varsity... and some others. After drinking a pint in each, you tend to forget names of pubs! In the immortal words of the other world-famous North Van band, Spirit of the West:

"Well were good old boys, we come from Harborne,
drinkers and carousers, the best you've ever seen,
and this night by God, we'll drink till there was no more,
from Oneill's to the Varsity, and all stops in between!"

Cheers! Bottom's up!


Lisa said...

Aw! Pete, you rock! I'm glad you liked the video. Maybe when you're home we'll have a show lined up. Can you believe off of the three shows we've played, we've made over $400!!!!! Sweet! One more step to recording!!!! I love you!

Mitch said...


From the Troller to the Raven with all stops in between!!!


Perhaps we'll have to come "Home For A Rest" after our european adventure later this year?

Randi said...

That was awesome Peter and congrats Lisa!