Saturday, March 03, 2007

Second week at Timberley

Just finished my second week in the new teaching position and things seem to be settling in fine. The problem classes of last week are starting to get used to me and I'm learning what works with each class.

Don't get me wrong, there are some children who are horrors. The entire year 4 class used to be one, but was split into two as there are so many children with behavior problems! One child. Thomas, is on a behavior diary, where he is assessed a 1-5 on every lesson, and that gets sent home to parents. His behavior is that he hates writing, so anything to do with sitting and writing, he flips out and refuses to work, throwing things and sulking on the wall. He has been "excluded" (which means separated from the class - mostly sitting in the office all day) many times, though I haven't seen a flip-out yet.

The same class also produced Tavian, a hyperactive, partially-blind partially-deaf attention-deficit-disorder kid, who last week drove me crazy, but this week I was ready for him. The girls in this class are also terrible - mostly from a tattle-tale point of view. They keep telling each other off!

"Mr. Boooooond! Jane broke my pencil!"
"Mr. Boooooond! Chelsea stuck her tounge at me!"
"Mr. Boooooond! Sarah looked at me!"

What?! Oh NO! She looked at you?:!! Oh what shall I do!? Pluck her eyes out??! I'll get the ravens!!!

Oh man. Immaturity can suck. But look who's talking! Hehehe.

On a less school and more social note, my flat is having a house party tonight and you are all invited!!! Should be a blast and I'll be taking photos, so I'll let you know about it later. Party on!

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