Thursday, March 29, 2007

Back in Two Weeks

Well World, I am off tomorrow for two weeks to some unknown destination. Unknown because I as yet have no ticket. Once at the airport on Saturday, my destination will reveal itself to me. I am hoping for Greece. Two weeks in Greece, which, if I go there, will be the first time in 6 months that I will see the sea... I do miss the ocean, and the mountains and forests back home in Vancouver.

So I'll be off taking beautiful photos, eating wonderful meals, and resting on gorgeous beaches (if the weather holds) for the next two weeks. If Greece is the plan, then I'll spend a few days in Athens (checking out the Parthenon) and then set out by boat to visit three or four islands in the Cyclades (including Santorini, which used to be a volcano that exploded, leaving only a ring of rocks as the island!)

Enjoy your time off, if you've got some, and continue to vote in my dino movie poll (even if you've already voted, vote again, and again...). Check out my new map, on the side bar, showing the countries I've visited. I'll see you in two, back in time for the start of the Playoffs! Go Canucks Go!

Happy Easter, everybody!


Randi said...

Have fun travelling Peter and HAPPY BIRTHDAY

Peter Bond said...

Umm...It's not my birthday, Randi!
But thanks anyway...