Thursday, March 08, 2007

Bus Rant

I know this sounds like I am posting complaints, but is this not one of the many reasons this blog exists? I just wanted to rant about my bus rides home on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. If you find this topic too boring, please click on Traumador's blog to see what that crazy dinosaur is up to in New Zealand. If not, read on.
One of the hundreds of double-decker buses I ride everyday

I leave school at around 4:30-5pm each day. It takes me about an hour to get to and from Timberley Primary School. On this last Tuesday, the bus system (and all traffic) grinds to a halt. Seriously all traffic stops. And doesn't start again. Along with other passengers, I get bored of waiting and decide to walk to a stop farther along the route on Broad St (Downtown Birmingham). Unfortunately, the sky, which had been clear and sunny for days, decided to pick this moment to rain down in buckets. My umbrella also picked this time to completely collapse (it's like a conspiracy!), leaving me soaked. Eventually the bus came, traffic limped forwards, and I got home an hour late.

This happened again on Wednesday. 2 hour commute home. It wasn't until today that I heard that traffic was stopped and diverted because of a stabbing. Apperently the stabbee wasn't quite dead or alive yet, so the crime scene couldn't be touched, or something. But this still doesn't explain Wednesday.

Today was different. Traffic flowed and the buses smelled nice. Until a group of teenage high school girls got on the bus. Maybe I'm getting old, but I don't want to have to listen to loud music, shouting, swearing, screaming and swearing at your friend (?) on the cell phone while holding it an arms length away... I won't repeat any of it here as my mom reads this blog. (Hi Mom!)

Well, I do have to give the Birmingham buses a break, because "bus officials/cops" came and removed the foul ladies from the bus and I got home in time to watch Hollyoaks (where someone has just had a baby, and her mom is pretending it's her's, while the woman in jail died and blah blah blah soap soap soap...)
Everyday at 6:30pm

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