Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend Vote

Boy, it's been a busy weekend!

First off, Patrick left the house, being replaced by our new roommate Andy. Andrew is a nice quiet Mauritian gay guy who works down the road at Marks & Spencer's. With Patrick leaving, we went on the lash (out for a night of drinking) down on Broad Street. I had a great time seeing all the friends I've made here. In the end, I went to bed at 6am!

Secondly, Debbie (the girl I'm seeing) and I went to see a friend of hers who lives in an actual haunted house. Apperently they have seen ghosts, have heard whispers, have felt unexplained cold patches, have had objects move across the room, and have been cut on the arm and stomach. They have had a medium and a priest do exorcisms to rid the house of the ghosts. I left a video camera running during the night, to try to catch some evidence. Did anything happen? Check back later to see that nothing did. I'll post some pictures later...

Thirdly, and much less ghostly but more spirity, St. Patrick's Day/Week began in earnest on Sunday with a huge Irish Parade. After getting a pint at Hennessey's, we watched the parade and all the green and orange colours. I'll post some pictures later showing the craziness.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend! Please vote on which "thing" would be the most fun for you:
a. Going out on the lash with friends until 6am
b. Visiting a real haunted house
c. St. Patty's Day parade

So? Vote!


Marianne said...

Hm, that really all depends on how these "things" progress. The lash, after all, can end up being more scary than the haunted house.
Alright, c. Always makes me feel like the leprechauns are invading.

stephanie said...

did you try and call ghostbusters about the haunted house?

Jewels said...

my vote is the parade. Always an opportunity to wonder why people wear orange :) hehehe, we know Mitch does...still curious at it's attraction