Sunday, March 04, 2007

Houseparty last night

The '13 Albany House Posse' had a party here last night and we are slowly cleaning up. It was a good party with lots of drinking and some dancing. It was over the moon! No, literally. The moon was eclipsed last night! We were so lucky that the sky was clear and the lunar eclipse was spectacular.

Lunar Eclipse
(I didn't take this pic, but I did take some video I'll post later.)

Some of the highlights from the party include:

-Leon eating an entire onion for 20 pounds on a bet. He did it and smelled like onion after.
-Carl and Roger bet to see who could eat an entire pack of Jaffa Cakes first. Carl won by default as Roger began to choke after the first 5 cakes. He then threw up all the cakes and lost the bet. Roger is fine and doing well.
-Someone slipped on our front steps and was knocked unconscious. Her friends took her to the clinic and she's ok, I think.
-The Lunar Eclipse happened. Resulting in lots of moon jokes and puns. Loony.
-2 glasses smashed (I didn't break any last night. I only broke one while setting up the party and blowing up balloons. Best to not play volleyball around glasses.)
-A shopping cart full of beer and mixer out in the backyard.
-I went to sleep at 6am, woke up today at 12:30pm.
-No neighbours banging on the walls or telling us to turn down the music.
-Police cars slowing down outside our house.
-Random food on the floor: scotch egg, chip, pea (?), sausage roll.
-1am punch made by Roger including gin, rum, cranberry, lee & perins, chili vodka.
-Chili vodka jello: very spicy and jiggly.
-Random person sleeping on four chairs (of different heights) in our living room. I don't know who he was.
-No hangover for me!

All in all a great party. I hope your Saturday night was as fun and lune-y as mine!


stephanie said...

sounds like quite the house party. sorry i couldn't make it, but i only heard about it after i read about your shenanigans. besides, it would have been quite the trek for me. :)

Mitch said...


Sounds like a good time. I was having my own house party on Saturday night! Good times, good times... Are you ever online? Are we going to figure out an itinerary for Europe or go with the flow?

nathalie said...

saturday nites?! i realized i´m getting old when...

... the time i went to bed at on sat nite was the time at which my great cousin was heading out for the disco

... sleeping in until 23.30 isn´t an option and "sleeping in" until 9 is a treat