Monday, February 15, 2010

Vancouver Olympics - Day 3

Medals:  USA  6  -  Germany  4  -  France  3  -  Canada  3  -  Korea  2  -  Italy  2 

Gold for Canada!  Today, Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada's first GOLD of the 2010 Olympics (in fact, Canada's first gold medal on Canadian soil!)  So that makes one of each medal for Canada, with more to come!

The Games opened Friday night with amazing Opening Ceremonies that showcased Canada's First Nations people, it's beautiful forests, and a bit too much East Coast fiddling punk.

For a beautiful clip from the Opening Ceremonies can be seen here;  Canadian singer K. D. Lang croons "Hallelujah."  

Along with all the Olympic excitement in Vancouver, Marek, another palaeo-Vancouverite blogger, commented on the Games in this episode of Walcot's Quarry!  Check it out!

Speaking of Olympic-palaeo connections, expect Traumador the Tyrannosaur to make a special visit to Vancouver!  As his talent agent, I feel there is no place better than these Olympics to get noticed!  Just gotta give him a call...  Stay tuned to the Tyrannosaur Chronicles to see if any of my money/fame-making schemes work out! 

Along with Traum, Craig and Lady R are both in town!  Here we are next to the holiest of Canadian Icons - the Stanley Cup!  (I touched it!!!)

Expect more updates from this extremely exciting time in Vancouver!  I'll periodically update the medal standings, as well as throw up more art.  GO CANADA GO! 

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Raptor Lewis said...

Congrats on the Medal, guys!! This is why I LOVE the Olympics!! Everybody gets along!! :)

Keep up the GREAT work, Canada!! :)

Though, I primarily root for the U.S., Canada is the second country I support! Go North America!!!