Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Vancouver Olympics are Here!

Vancouver welcomes the World, as the 2010 Winter Olympic Games begin tomorrow!  And with it comes a redesign of the blog banner.  Can you spot Mukmuk?

Yesterday, the Olympic Torch finally made it to North Vancouver after 105 days of traveling all around Canada.  I snapped the above pic as the torchbearer ran past my apartment.

The 2010 Olympic Torch in all it's glory.  Traumador just arrived in Vancouver and jumped into the photograph!  He's very excited to be a part of the games, but I sure he'll find a way to get himself into trouble!

The Olympic Spirit in mitten form.  Craig, Laura and I paint the West Vancouver red!  These red mittens have really hit it off big - even the Inukshuk and the lions guarding the Lion's Gate Bridge have red mittens!

Here the Torch finally made it's way to West Vancouver - the last stop before heading downtown to light the main Olympic Torch tomorrow!  You can really feel the excitement in the air, as the World's eye turns towards us and Canada shines...

This amazing light instillation is a stunning addition to the Vancouver skyline!  You can submit a design here and the 20 high-powered spotlights will create your design!!

So here's to winning Gold, Canada! 
But first, we've got the Opening Ceremonies tomorrow at 8pm P.S.T.


Dinorider d'Andoandor said...


I didn't know about that Vectorial Vancouver site!!!

cool blog's header Pete! really cool

great to see Craig and Traum are having fun too!

Albertonykus said...

Traum's fast... One moment he's in Calgary wailing over the contents of a mysterious crate, now he's here in Vancouver happy to be at the Olympics.

I got to see the torch yesterday, too!

Peter Bond said...

Thanks Dinorider! Expect to see much more fun as Traum comes to the Olympics!

By the way, that picture of the Vecotral Lights is of the design I submitted! They emailed me the photo about 9 hours after I submitted the design!

Albertonykus - I didn't know you were in Van too! It's an amazing experience to see the flame! Enjoy the Games!