Wednesday, December 20, 2006


School is OUT for Christmas!

And, oh, do I NEED this. Two beautiful weeks away from the children who are driving me mad! Mwahahah!

Whew. Yes, the first term is over. School begins again on Sept 3, so what am I going to do for two weeks? Well, I am heading to Guildford for Christmas to see my cousins Nicky, Lara, and Angie. It will be really nice to see them, as it has been about three years. I'll let you know about my New Year's plans once they are finalized.

I can sleep in tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

January, Peter. Don´t stay on holidays until September. Although in that case, getting back to Birmingham for school should be no problem! So, yeah... September...
Hey, re: movie: yes, you are right! Definitely not as big! Interesting...
Now get yo butt ova hea!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of yahoooooooo check their site (or use my the quick link on my blog) and check out the new trailer for Transformers. Looks explody, and violent.

I'll go see it cause Jayne's in it.

I agree with Marianne. September isn't 2 weeks away. More like 8 months. That's a good break though ;p

Need to teach over there once I get my degree!

Lisa said...

Pete!! Yay!! No more kids!!! We're playing another show on friday. I'll tell ya all about it after. Plus, Andrew got a digital camera for his birthday, so I can prob'ly send you photos! Send me an email soon, k? It's been FOREVER since I heard from you!!!