Friday, December 01, 2006

Bad Sushi

Welcome to the internet premier of "Bad Sushi," a short film created to teach geology 12 students. It is the debut film from Bond-Wade-Travasso Pictures, written, filmed and edited in under 48 hours. Please let me know if you enjoy it.


amy said...

hey pete
ok, well, hope you're feeling better about your week... enough to think about somthing else obviously!!!
BAD SUSHI>>>> well, I've seen it before, but I totally didn't realize how hilariously funny it is....I killed myself laughing... just wait 'till james gets a hold of this... as if you're not hero enough for him already!!! :) He'll be showing all his buddies at school:)
take care pete... keep smilin'!

JV said...

that was AWESOME!
seismology rocks!!!!

Anonymous said...


Going off behind our backs, and starting a new production company... No wonder Prehistoric Insanity movies run so far behind... cause you steal our best for these "side projects"...

If not for the hilarious fight, and memorable villian I won't be able to forgive you at all!


Everyone be sure to check out my blog for movies starring Peter and his Drum friends as they get posted through out the next two weeks...

Anonymous said...

Bad Sushi is brilliant! It has it all - sushi, sword fighting, seizmology, Stephen wearing a wig... the only thing missing is Warren being run over by his own jeep!
~K ;)

stephanie said...

peter, you crazy!!!!

Warren said...

Er... for the record, I jumped over my car. My Jeep tried to run over me but failed! ... though, there is that other video of Steve & myself rolling over my Jeep.

Peter is the coolest Teacher I know!