Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pantomime Time

Merry Christmas Web!

Yesterday, a traveling pantomime came to our school! We were treated to Aladdin, the panto, performed by only three people - the Villain (he also played the "bubbles" character), the Hero (good looking girl playing Aladdin), and the Dame (hairy fat man in a dress). And what a DAME!

This was the most over-the-top Dame I've ever seen! Fat, flamboyant dress, white clown face, scary woman make-up, deep male voice, and plastic fluorescent hair! The show was great and the kids loved it! I loved it too!

Somehow, though, the Dame knew my name! She told the school (as she was describing her past husbands) that she was in love with Mr. Bond. And boy did she not drop it. She (or he!) came and sat on my lap (to the mortification of my students!) and fed me fudge, showed me her ankle (ugh), and blew kisses across the hall. And I loved it!

Some of you out there may not know that I've been involved with pantomimes for the last 10 years in North Vancouver. With SMP, I've played the Babe, the Wolf, the Sage, the Farmer, the Villain!, the Rat, even the Panto Horse! Unfortunately, I won't be in this year's pantomime - Robin Hood and the Singing Nun - but I was able to create the poster and logo.

For those of you in the Vancouver Area, I urge you to go see this panto! Go see it now! Well, go see it in January!!! Go watch it for me and let me know! It is going to ROCK!!!

Miss you guys, SMP Panto-People!

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