Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Dad: Bye. I'm just going out to buy tires.

Grandpa: You know, Billy. When I was your father's age, we we had tires too.

Billy: You had tires? But I thought you used horses.

Grandpa: No, we didn't use horses back then.

Billy: Why not? Did the dinosaurs eat them all?

(Actual Canadian Tire radio add I heard in the car today and loudly laughed out loud! So random! Haha!)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five New Art Pieces (A Busy Day)

A few years back (while drinking in England), I created this Ammonite in an attempt to work in a more abstract or post-impressionism style. You see, I usually work in a very realistic style - full of detail and accurate lines. I enjoy my realism, but I often feel limited. I've wanted to continue working in this abstract style for a while, so I figured, since Ammonite was featured in the EARTH Magazine article, I'd dive back in today (as I wasn't called to work today - it being the second day of school, not surprising!)

What follows is the result of a day of painting, four good pieces and one "mehn" piece. Enjoy!



Hadrosaur Embryo


I am really a fan of the Dunkleosteus. He just looks so cool. As you can see, I've given each piece in this post-impressionist style with similar stark backgrounds. The final piece below I am less then proud of. It was part of a four-piece painting of the Tyrrell Museum's juvenile Gorgosaur (read more here). The background reminds me of purple moldy cheese. I include it so that perhaps someone can help me fix it!

Juvenile Gorgosaur

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The EARTH Magazine Article about ART Evolved is now Online!

Now you can read the article! EARTH Magazine has been kind enough to put the interview about ART Evolved on their website - and currently as their featured story! Read the entire article and see the art here.

Since I wasn't called to teach today, I decided to spend a few hours painting. I ended up completing four new painting and touching up an old one - a very productive day if I don't say so myself! I am especially pleased with a portrait of Dunkleosteus. I will be showing them here once I've got them digitized (go camera, go!) Let me know what you think...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Films of Alfred Hitchcock

I have recently been indulging in an Alfred Hitchcock marathon - watching a movie a month. Not having ever seen many of his films, my naive understanding of what "a Hitchcock film" was was seriously misguided. Blackmail, murder, death - sure, but having now seen five of his films, there is much more to them. Hitchcock truely creates and sustains tension, plays with symbolism, and experiments (successfully) with new film technology. As an evolving filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock and his film have become inspirational to me.

Here are the films I have seen so far, in the order I saw them:
  1. Psycho (1960) - I saw Psycho first maybe 5 years ago, and I remember really enjoying it. I especially loved the fact that there was so much more to the story than just the infamous shower scene.
  2. Rear Window (1954) - The first Hitchcock film in the current "marathon." Loved it. Now I understand it's spoof in the Simpsons. It is an amazing use of confined space, with the protagonist (wonderful James Stewart) wheelchair-bound in his apartment, only able to watch his neighbours out his window.
  3. The Birds (1963) - A very creepy and surreal film. I really enjoyed the technical side with the extensive use of special effects. Story-wise, it starts slowly, then rushes into terror. But where is the ending?
  4. Vertigo (1958) - I am so conflicted with this one. I was fascinated by the story and the way it takes such a turn in the middle, but I also felt it dragged in the second half and was confused by the complete shock tag ending. Vertigo is a very fascinating film with very suspenseful moments. I think I like it, but it requires another viewing.
  5. Strangers on a Train (1951) - A fantastically simple story (I wish I had thought of it!) with a stunning acting turn by Robert Walker! Simple, subtle and well-paced.
Up next and waiting to be put into my DVD player is Dial M for Murder. I'll update you with my thoughts once I have seen it. Perhaps I'll make is a semi-regular feature on here. We'll see. All I know is that I am really enjoying watching Hitchcock's films and seeing the style of film-making of 50 years ago.

I can't fathom what Hitchcock would have thought of today's hyperfast blockbusters, such as the garbage Transformers 2...

Friday, September 04, 2009

Another Catchy Song from They Might Be Giants

Electric Car

Another great song that has embedded itself in my brain from the upcoming CD/DVD "Here Come Science" from They Might Be Giants! Not paleo-related, but sciency nonetheless - and the animation is fantastic. Check it out!

"Let's take a ride..."

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Article on ART Evolved in EARTH Magazine!

What a week it has been for ART Evolved! First off, we have the opening of the Anomalocaridid Time Capsule, spilling lovely Cambrian artwork everywhere. And secondly, ART Evolved has been featured in an article in EARTH Magazine!

Cover image obtained from www.earthmagazine.com here.
"Paleo-artists get creative"

On pages 64 and 65 of the Septermber issue of EARTH Magazine, Craig and I are interviewed about paleoart, the blogging community, and the creation of ART Evolved. The article not only includes art pieces by both Craig and I, but also pieces by fellow artists Glendon and Zach! It's a great article and well written (by Carolyn Gramling), so get your copy of EARTH and check us out!

Catchiest Song in the Universe

I Am A Paleontologist

Be sure to see this video by There Must Be Giants if you are, like me, interested in paleontology or educational entertainment!

Warning though: the chorus will be stuck in your head all day. "I am a ..."

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Anomalocaridid Gallery is up on ART Evolved!

The NEW GALLERY is UP! Click here and see the amazing paleoart inside the Anomalocaridid Time Capsule - CHECK IT OUT!

A Schinderhannes - one of my submitions to the Anomalocaridid Gallery

Also, the November Gallery's topic was decided! SAUROPODS! Two months to get your art drawn, coloured, painted, sculpted, filmed, built, and flavoured - and all about the long-necks!