Thursday, September 10, 2009

Five New Art Pieces (A Busy Day)

A few years back (while drinking in England), I created this Ammonite in an attempt to work in a more abstract or post-impressionism style. You see, I usually work in a very realistic style - full of detail and accurate lines. I enjoy my realism, but I often feel limited. I've wanted to continue working in this abstract style for a while, so I figured, since Ammonite was featured in the EARTH Magazine article, I'd dive back in today (as I wasn't called to work today - it being the second day of school, not surprising!)

What follows is the result of a day of painting, four good pieces and one "mehn" piece. Enjoy!



Hadrosaur Embryo


I am really a fan of the Dunkleosteus. He just looks so cool. As you can see, I've given each piece in this post-impressionist style with similar stark backgrounds. The final piece below I am less then proud of. It was part of a four-piece painting of the Tyrrell Museum's juvenile Gorgosaur (read more here). The background reminds me of purple moldy cheese. I include it so that perhaps someone can help me fix it!

Juvenile Gorgosaur


Anonymous said...

Okay....You have become a Paleo Picasso!! :) Nice Work, Dude!! :) I really love these pieces! Where do you find the time to do these? :)

Glendon Mellow said...

These are freakin' amazing, Peter.

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

yeah! I like the abstract style a lot!

I recognized the ammonite inmediately as I had seen it on the Earth Magazine website.

My favorite is the hadrosaur embryo though!

Anonymous said...

Can you give me some advice? I'm working on my Art Evolved piece and I would like some tips on drawing an Allosaurus pack stalking on the edge of a forest. (We're looking from their point of view at the Diplodocus herd and their in the foreground, which means we look at them over their shoulders.)

Thanks, Dude! I'll have to show you it so far. It's a sketch, though I think it's pretty good.

Peter Bond said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate the support! I am enjoying painting more and more.

Anonymous said...

You're MORE than Welcome!!! :) I really love your work!! :)

Anonymous said...

I like the gorgosaur, but you're right... it's not quite ready. What about taking watered down red and either totally washing over the orange to give it more bang or spot highlighting so it doesn't look so much like Kraft Dinner? The background might look more punchy with a new coat of blue too (the white scratches are a bit distracting). It's a great work though, so I'll look forward to seeing gorgosaur mark II! ~K

Leslie Hawes said...

Love the abstract ammonite!
and WOW! 5 pieces.
It's exhilarating when creativity flows like that!