Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lost Treasures (Part 4)

And now for the main event: "The Adventures of Flat-Foot, the Deinonychis!"

Up till now, we've been seeing work I did as a kid. Hopefully showing you the evolution of my passions. This will be the last Lost Treasure for the next little while, but it is one of my most favorite projects I created!

Saving up the best for last and here it is - my earliest attempt at writing and illustrating a kids story book. I have to laugh at a lot of bizarre plot points and twists. Go ahead, we will laugh together!

I have reproduced the text below each page word-for-word, in case the old computer text is too difficult to read. I have rewritten it as is, complete with spelling mistakes and punctuation errors. Enjoy!

Cover Page

Adventures of ..... Flat-Foot the Deinonychs
Once long, long ago dinosaurs ruled the earth. There was a deinonychs called Flat-Foot. He had a big claw on each of his hind feet.

One day Flat-Foot went to see if enything was in the mailbox. He levitated the mail to his hand. He ripped open all the mail at once. He opened one with a mark on it. The envelope was a letter from: Torro the Tyrannosaurus rex!!!

It read that a bomb was planted in Sanfrancisus, his home city. Flat-Foot took the earliest ride to Sanfrancisus. He went straight to his mom. There he found a note that said, "Dear Flat-Foot, I will meet you on 15th Death Lane at 2:30am."

At one Flat-Foot dashed out because it was 2:20am. He waited 10 minutes, then saw a spaceship. It landed on a builing and Torro slid down. They both floated into the desert by a tractor beam. There was a huge volcano in the middle of the desert. While Flat-Foot was looking around, Torro jumped up and bit Flat-Foot's back. Flat-Foot ran as fast as he could to the volcano. Torro came and pushed Flat-Foot into the volcano!!!

He fell 10 meters into the volcano. Torro thought he was dead but all of a sudden .... Tery the Pteranodon swooped up and caught Flat-Foot!!! Seeing that, Torro raced to his spaceship and flew to his fortress. Tery and Flat-Foot followed him.

In his fortress there were lots of cages. They hid behind a cage and put Triceratops meat in the cage. Torro saw it, he went inside and Flat-Foot closed the cage. Torro was trapped! Flat-Foot levitated the meat and ate it himself. Torro said, "O.k. O.k. The bomb is planted in the sewer."

They went and stoped the bomb. Flat-Foot, got a modal for saving Sanfrancisus.
The End.

About the Author:
Peter was born in 1978 in Canada, B.C. He likes dinosaurs, sience and sharks

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Lost Treasures (Part 3)

Last post, I promised sharks - so here's a shark. The story (in French again) is called "La Requin et la Pecheur" or "the Shark and the Fisherman." It is the thrilling account of the meeting between these two adversaries, written and illustrated in 1989 by yours truly.

If you know me, I have a bit of an obsession with sharks. Started when I was 5 and watched JAWS on TV, taped it and rewatched it thousands of times. (Sometime, I'll have to do a post on influential movies that defined who you are...) Ever since then, I've had a longing to confront the beast. Ultimately, I have decided that before I die, I must cage-dive with Great White Sharks. This will happen someday. Two steps towards that goal were taken last December: learning to scuba dive and swimming with Whale Sharks. I'll let you know when I'm ready to face the big boys!

Anyway, here is my story from Grade 6 - translated into English below. Please feel free to laugh along with me while we read it!

"The Shark and the Fisherman" By Peter

A story written and illustrated by Peter, from Grade 6, North Vancouver, 1989.

One day, a fisherman called Joh went to sea to catch a fish.

When he was at sea, he saw some fish.

All of a sudden, he saw a shark.

The shark tried to eat the fish.

The shark caught the hook on the end of the fishing rod.
The fisherman pulled the shark onto his little boat and killed it.

Joh brought the shark to his house and ate it.

The end... I guess. Kinda predictable and again brutal. I liked my high perspectives in a couple of the illustrations. Poor shark.

Next and last (for now) is the Main Event, the book I am most proud of - "The Adventures of Flat-Foot, the Deinonychis."

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lost Treasures (Part 2)

Another in this series of Lost Treasures, or Artwork from my Childhood. This piece I am the least proud of. Not because it has no title, nor due to the quality of art, but because it is only an experiment. An experiment created in the computer lab, using Paint on the old box-style Macintoshs.

Again, it is in French (I went to a French-Immersion school) and again dinosaurs are prevalent in my work (still are!). Apperently for spice, I do include hearts and a viking ship. I have no idea why, though the project may have been created around Valentine's day. But that doesn't explain the vikings.

Again, I will translate the French for those not French-enabled. Enjoy.

Page 1 - "Brontosaurus and Tyrannosarusa urus rex" Hmm, may not have spelled that right...
And I don't know what "G65 PETE" means.

Page 2 - "Saint Valentine" Big hearts and, um.. Cupid in the top right...skating.

Page 3 - "The Dinosaurs/Evil and Terrible/Catch, Kill, Eat/I like them/The Tyrannosaurus rex"

Page 4 - "I have three horns/I am as big as a rhyniceros/I eat plants/I am a savage animal/Who am I?"
Savage? Well, he certainly looks a bit scary standing on it's hind legs!

Page 5 - Viking ship. I don't know why.

Page 6 - "(jumbled) Catch/Break bones/roar/kill/eat/defend/teeth/big/attack/...a tail"

There we go. No story, but computer-based art. In fact, this project incorporates both digital art and traditional art in the form of felt markers over computer line work. I direct you to Glendon's blog, who is currently discussing the use of digital art in his work.

Next up: The Shark and the Fisherman, by Peter Bond.