Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What I am looking forward to

So much has been happening recently, I haven't had time to post! The job is going well, my roommates are fine, and I feel good. I've been filming a crime/mob film and it is going well - filming is completed and editing has begun! The weather has turned rainy and the kids are in exam week - SATs for the year 6's - so everyone is on edge. But that's not all...

Tomorrow I am flying back to Vancouver for two weeks! One week off school plus our midterm break means I can come home for a visit and for my cousin's wedding. Besides seeing my family and friends again, I am most looking forward to spending time by the seaside and in the forests. Boy, do I miss them!

I'll be there to see my sister graduate from her graphic design course, meet Warren's new baby (see his blog here), plan my summer Spain travels with Greg, contemplate my future work plans with everyone (especially Steve), and pick-up some essential Canadian products you cannot buy here (such as A&W rootbeer, sushi, KD, 7-11 slurpees!...)

Please let me know if you want to catch up in Vancouver! I can't wait to see you, and I'll update the old blog later with all my home stories. Oh Canada!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Can you help me with my future plans?

Good morning everyone,

The sun is shining and I have a day off from work today. My school is closed as it is being used as a voting station. Certainly no complaints by me; I'm going to use the day to research my future plans, ie. "What I am going to do next September..."

On May 18th, I'll be coming back home to visit Vancouver for two weeks, and then returning to work the summer term back here in Birmingham. Once that is done in late July, I'm going backpacking in Spain and Portugal (and perhaps Poland and Czech Republic) and meeting up with my good friend Greg for some Spanish travel and surfing in August.

Here is where it gets a bit fuzzy, though...

Once September hits, I think I'm going to fly home (via New York City for a bit), and stay and work in Vancouver until January. One option for my next step is to go to Korea and teach there for a bit. If not Korea, then perhaps Brazil or Argentina, working in International Schools.

My traveling bug has not died and the world is such a large, wonderful place. There is still so much to see out there and now is the time in my life to do it!

My question to you then is:
Have you had any experience in these countries? Teaching or otherwise? Any information would greatly help my decision making. Thanks you so much!

~ - ~

On a side note, here is another photo I've messed about with on Photoshop:

And this is one I found online (I didn't make it!) of a Velocirapper holding the mic and laying down some kick-ass vocals.
Get it? Velocirapper? Veloci"rapper"? Hehehehe, velociRAPTOR! Oh boy, jokes only paleontologist get!