Monday, May 25, 2009

My Amazing Acting

This post is guarantied to be slightly embarrasing for me. But let's throw caution to the wind - as it is insanely funny!

Delta Patrol is a film that I helped make in 2006, and it is currently being edited by Craig at Prehistoric Insanity. He needs your help deciding which version of the following clip to use in the movie, ie. which version is funniest. Oh boy...

Click here to vote on your favorite version!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Art while Bored

I've been busy, but I'm back. As a substitute teacher, I often end up with spare time on my hands. Be it giving a grade 7 math test, supervising an Electronics 11 work period, or enjoying a NIT (non-instructional-time = prep time in BC), I often spend the time dabbling in creativity!

I produced the following two oil-pastel pieces last week during recess and lunch while in a French Immersion grade 5 class:

Midnight at the Foothills of the Rockies

I am quite happy with the theropod and the medium (pastel on black construction paper looks great. Remind me to use it more often!) Unfortunately, in the 15-mins it took to make this, I failed in capturing the ceratopsian well. The arms don't realistically work and I couldn't decide on an effective colour scheme. The mountains are too simple as well.

Pterosaur and the Sea

This one is done as an experiment with pterosaurs! I rarely work with them as I find their wings so difficult to draw. I am focusing my attention on this group of animals now to get ready for the next ART Evolved art gallery: Pterosaurs.

If you've been following the ART Evolved blog, you'll know I've got a healthy month-and-a-half to get a kick-ass piece ready. Which I want to do - because last time, for the Permian Synapsid show (which is amazing - Check it out here!), I created my "Dimetrodon" a day before the show went up! Yikes!

So this time, I plan to do some sort of painting of some flying reptile... I'm just not sure which genus of Pterosauria I should reconstruct. Any ideas?