Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Well, Steve and I are in talks with a reputable company in Korea. I'm not going to mention the name here, just in case it falls through. We have been sent a sample contract that looks good. We like it and have are keen to sign.

It is teaching adults English in a cool area of Seoul called Shinchon, apparently a fun university local. Should be fun.

Check back here, as I am hoping things progress quickly and I will be able to plan the next month.

Watch this space!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Party at Jenni's

I really thought I was going to miss Halloween this year. Again.

I really did! Last year, as you may recall, I was in England, where they do not celebrate the holiday - even in schools. This year, I was planning to have left Vancouver and be teaching in Korea at this time, missing Halloween again.

Happily, I am here! (As Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays!)

To celebrate the event, I was invited to Jenni Ferris' First Annual 29th Birthday/Halloween Party at her and her finance (Derek)'s house. Having planned not to be here, I did not have a Halloween costume. Haste was needed to find one!

I searched the house: thick black cloak, top hat, medical latex gloves, white shirt, black pants and shoes, wig, .... knives, ..... and a name tag reading "Jack Theripper" (aka Jack The Ripper).

Check out these photos from the night (taken by Kim Versteeg, Jen Echols, and Jenni):

Be weary...

Derek (the Beer Keg) and Jenni (the Ladybird)

My fist victims - Dave, Kim (Dr. McLusty) and Jack.
But who is Dave supposed to be?

Here's a hint...
No? He's Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget!

Ladybird, McLusty and Jen Echols (the One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater!)

Jack's next victims...

Jack, Cameron (Bob Marley) and LBird

Dancing to Ghostbusters and Thriller!

Playing with fire and sparklers

Happy Halloween, Blogshere! Have a safe and fun one!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

No job news yet...

Hello Blogworld,

No Korean job yet. Had a good interview with a reputable company in Seoul, but they don't have any open positions yet. The effort in trying to find work (hundreds of emails sent, websites searched, and phones interviewed... er.. phone interviews) is beginning to stain on me. I hope something picks up soon...

Work on my un-named film project is going very well though. More on this later...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My Appolgies of the Absence

Life is in Limbo. Uncertainty floods the system. Reason for not updating blog: Life.

But the Blog is Back.

I am currently looking for a good job in Korea. Once this is obtained, the path will be clear. A flight can be booked, bags can be packed and goodbyes can be said. Until then, limbo.

I wish to continue uploading photos, but it takes forever on blogger (only 5 photos at a time!), so I have put them all onto facebook. Even if you are not a facebook member, no problem! Anyone can check out my Spain, Portugal, and New York photos. So here they are:

After Madrid and Lisbon below,

-Lagos, Portugal photos

-Seville, Spain photos

-Valencia, Spain photos

-La Tomatina, Brunol, Spain photos

-Barcelona, Spain photos

-London, England photos

-New York, New York photos

Please click on the links and enjoy! Facebook allows you to comment any photos you like, so let me know what tickles your fancy!

I am currently still in Vancouver, scouring the net for Korean English teaching jobs beginning in Dec 1. Once I find the job, then I will spend some time in Nov traveling Korea, Japan, China, or South East Asia.

Any suggestions?