Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lost Treasures (Part 2)

Another in this series of Lost Treasures, or Artwork from my Childhood. This piece I am the least proud of. Not because it has no title, nor due to the quality of art, but because it is only an experiment. An experiment created in the computer lab, using Paint on the old box-style Macintoshs.

Again, it is in French (I went to a French-Immersion school) and again dinosaurs are prevalent in my work (still are!). Apperently for spice, I do include hearts and a viking ship. I have no idea why, though the project may have been created around Valentine's day. But that doesn't explain the vikings.

Again, I will translate the French for those not French-enabled. Enjoy.

Page 1 - "Brontosaurus and Tyrannosarusa urus rex" Hmm, may not have spelled that right...
And I don't know what "G65 PETE" means.

Page 2 - "Saint Valentine" Big hearts and, um.. Cupid in the top right...skating.

Page 3 - "The Dinosaurs/Evil and Terrible/Catch, Kill, Eat/I like them/The Tyrannosaurus rex"

Page 4 - "I have three horns/I am as big as a rhyniceros/I eat plants/I am a savage animal/Who am I?"
Savage? Well, he certainly looks a bit scary standing on it's hind legs!

Page 5 - Viking ship. I don't know why.

Page 6 - "(jumbled) Catch/Break bones/roar/kill/eat/defend/teeth/big/attack/...a tail"

There we go. No story, but computer-based art. In fact, this project incorporates both digital art and traditional art in the form of felt markers over computer line work. I direct you to Glendon's blog, who is currently discussing the use of digital art in his work.

Next up: The Shark and the Fisherman, by Peter Bond.


Glendon Mellow said...

Thanks Peter!

Great to see the developmental stuff from your youth. I htink I've got a box like that in my closet...

Raptor Lewis said...

LOL!! Try my old super-hero story called "Cat-Boy." It was cool at the time, but...not, it sucks.