Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Settling In...

What a crazy week this has been!

Arriving in Korea, being shocked by culture, starting work, meeting co-workers, searching for an apartment, enjoying the nightlife, finding an apartment, getting a phone, and setting up the apartment. Whew!

Yes, we finally found an apartment and moved in on Tuesday! After a week of searching, we found a large, three-bedroom place on the second floor of a "house." Not an apartment or office tower, but a floor in a five story building, owned by our landlord - in this case, Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee (or Mystery as we sometimes lovingly call him) is Korea, but he has lived in Vancouver for a few years, so he knows the city and speaks broken English. He is extremely nice and fun to talk to and has been very kind to us. Usually, apartments in Seoul do not come with any "options" (fridge, stove, furniture etc), but Mr. Lee has hooked us up with options at no extra cost. Fridge, gas range, TV, desk, 2 side tables, 4 plastic chairs and table, 2 plants, 2 single beds, and some plates, bowls, cups and cutlery!!! And 70 hangers. Every time we return home from work, something new has been added to our apartment. Today, it was the appearence of a washing machine in the bathroom! And this is the reason he is called Mystery...

So with heated floors, cable TV, and stolen internet from upstairs (thanks "Tom"), life is good. It got even better with the purchase of our new cell phones. It is by far the most advanced phone I have ever owned, and it is the cheapest phone I could buy. Camera, movies, mp3, internet, alarm, games, text AND you can talk on it! Amazing! I'll email my number about soon. If you don't get it, leave a reply.

Oh, the best part about the new house is that it is 10 minutes away from school. Perfect, so in my 3 hour breaks between classes, I can mosey on home and catch a nap or food. We live in the Sincheon Area of Seoul, between Sincheon and Idae Subway Stations.

Goodbye Love Hotel, Hello New House!

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