Monday, December 03, 2007

Seoul Life - Day 2

------48 hours since my arrival in Seoul.-------

In a word: Amazing.

My life:

5:45am - Walk up to one of my two alarm clocks (I cannot sleep in). Fall out of the bed in my hotel (called a "love hotel" because of the "love" that often occurs within) and stumble to the tiny but surprisingly western toilet. After getting ready, I walk up a floor, meet Steve, and leave the hotel.

6:15am - Walk across the back alley to the convenience store and purchase a rice roll and yogurt for breakfast. Walk 30 seconds to the back of the School.

6:25am - Enter the school and prepare for my first classes.

7:00am - First class. Level 2. 6 sleepy business people. I realize the hardest part of the job will be remembering names (Heoug Ji or Ji Heoug or Jeoug Hi or Hi Jeoung. or Jimmy...)

8:00am - Second class. Level 2. Younger group of 8 more awake Koreans.

9:00 am - Break until 11am, which is a level 1 class with one student for two hours. Quite a long class...

1pm - Big break. 6 hours to sleep, eat, explore. Yesterday, Steve and I walked from our home base of Shincheon to the Han River, 3 subway stops away.

6:45pm - Return to work for 7pm and 8pm class. More names I cannot remember. Quite tired now.

9pm - School is over and you have the option of SLEEP or go out. Last night, we went out and met Steve's friend GiSu at a Bar in Hongik called the Crazy Monkey. Food was amazing and a strange "happy birthday" song erupted (a different version of Happy Birthday, but in English).

1am - Return home by subway and fall into bed. Watch hilarious Korean TV for 1 sec before falling asleep.

Luckily, I had set my alarm clocks. And so the cycle continues....

The weekend is looking mighty tempting right about now!


redskyat said...

Nametags, nametags, NAMETAGS!

Prehistoric Insanity said...

My parents just arrived here in NZ so adventures of a different kind begin for me...

Good luck with yours