Friday, December 21, 2007

Housewarming Party

Last night, Stephen and I had our housewarming party in our new place. Luckily, we do not have 50 rolls of toilet paper now.

Traditionally, a housewarming party in Korea is a stressful time for the host. They are expected to make lots and lots of food and provide drinks in a very formal atmosphere. In return, the guests bring gifts. Gifts such as dish soap, garbage bags and toilet paper... Any household necessity.

Our party was nothing of the sort. We provided snacks and beer/pop, while our guests brought food in a much more informal atmosphere! Two of our co-workers joined ten of Stephen's Korean friends in our large living room, and promptly sat down in a circle with the food in the center. This is a Korean-style Party.

While Steve and I were trying to figure out how to mix things up, Mr. Lee - our landlord - arrived, bearing more food! He stayed for a while and we all had a great time. Once he left, we moved the party down the street to a bar in Shinchon.

Overall, a successful blending of Korean and Western housewarming parties. And a successful kick-off to our social life in Seoul!

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