Sunday, January 07, 2007

Liquid Nitrogen can be fun!

I am very excited about this post, as I have created another short film called "Mr. Bond's Adventures with Liquid Nitrogen!"

Our story begins during my trip to Munich for New Years. I was staying with Nathalie and Toby for a night to see their beautiful new baby boy, Elias. I was delighted to see that Nathalie's parents and her sister Stephanie (check out her blog on the right) were staying there too. The surprise was that my good friend Dave was there too! And with Marianne in Munich, it really was a "small world after all" for New Years!

What does this have to do with liquid nitrogen, you might ask? Well, it so happened that Nat and Toby wanted to make ice cream for desert that night. Ice cream usually takes hours to make with huge industrial freezers - we had neither time nor freezers. We did have a plan though: Toby works in a physics laboratory which has many chemicals at hand. Ice cream can also be made by mixing the ingredients with liquid nitrogen! With nitrogen boiling at - 200 degrees Celcius, it was certainly cold enough to make ice cream...but why stop there?

After the ice cream was made, we still had quite a bit of the chemical left, so we thought we would do some experiments! What happens to leeks, pennies, and twigs when they are put in liquid nitrogen for a while? They freeze and shatter! Well...the penny didn' just got cold. We saved the best for last - but you will need to watch the film to find out!

The film takes you on a rollercoaster adventure through Munich, as Toby, Dave, and I collect, bring back, and experiment on liquid nitrogen!

My favortite part of the adventure was where Dave had to sit in the backseat of the car with the cylinder of liquid nitrogen between his legs! Good thing we didn't spill, or there might never have been any little Daves in the future!


stephanie said...

that's funny peter. the ice cream was really yummy too! mmm liquid nitrogen!

Anonymous said...

Dave's a brave man. Either that or really stupid - I'd've not carried liquid nitro between my legs for all the whores in Babylon.

Dave (nuts intact) said...

Peter I will send you the movie I made of me with the stuff between my legs (No, the nitrogen, you dirty people), and the "Lets hit it" movie shortly. I have to figure out how to compress them...