Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Flight Bought

Just a quick post today to let everyone - especially those in Vancouver - know that I am coming home for a two week visit at the end of May! I bought my ticket last night and am arriving on May 18th and leaving on June 1st. During my time home, I will be going to my cousin (Theresa's) wedding! I will also want to see all my friends and family and go out and catch up! It will be nice to have a dose of Vancouver then.

After which I will return and work until mid-late July. Then the fun starts, and I go-a-travellin'! Anyone up for La Tomatina in Spain?!


Mitch said...

Hey Man! Can't wait to see you in Vancouver... BUT, any news on Ireland???

Warren T said...

Hey Bro, that's awesome! You'll get to see all 3 of us then :-)

amy said...

Hey Peter!
We will have to make sure to see you, even if it's for a dinner in Vancouver, if abby doesn't work....BUT since I KNOW you'll be wanting to see the new little warren'n'leah, maybe a dinner and overnight here and then next day with them would be a possibility.... Oh dear, here I am, planning other people's lives. Sorry!!!
Hey, how are those vacation plans coming along?? I guess living in England makes country hopping a bit easier... :P Can't wait until I'm as foot loose and fancy free as you!! (guess that means I have to gain a wee bit of independence first :D) Anyhow, good to hear from you... Keep lookin' up!
PS Wasn't it lucky that your trip home didn't correspond with my mom and your dad's previously planned trip to England??? That would've not been good had they been over there to visit you and you were here! :P