Monday, January 22, 2007

Family Christmas Photos

50 posts! Bond's Blog has been online for over five months and we've reached the 50th post today. I want to use this post to celebrate with photos of the family I have here in England. Many people have been asking to see them, so here we go!

OCTOBER 24th 2006 - SHOWstudio's BAL MASQUE -
While I was in London in October, I stayed with my Uncle and Aunt Tim and Mena (and cousins Yasmeen, Escandar, and Rocheen). Tim and Mena were invited to a Masked Ball by their friend Nick Knight, a famous fashion photographer! Kate Moss was there, along with other fashion celebrities. Click here to check out the Ball Masque! (photos and video)
What I found most amazing were the costumes my Aunt and Uncle wore to the event:

Tim and Mena in full costume!

Mena ringing for a taxi.

Actual SHOWstudio website photo - Mena sneaks in on the left!

Fetching hat, Rav!

My Grandmother, Nigel and Joyce (Dad's other brother and wife) on a visit.
Where are your costumes?

I traveled to Guilford for Christmas this year and stayed with my cousin Nicky and husband Rav. Nicky's sisters (Angie and Lara, and boyfriends Tim and James) and mother Elaine (and husband Richard) were also there. We went for a pre-Christmas Eve stroll in the typical English countryside and I discovered a new technique in photography!
A Walk in the Countryside - with Angie, Nicky, Elaine, Lara, Tim, and Rav.

A path millions have traveled.

Elaine and her girls - Lara, Angie, and Nicky.

New photography style - the Spin Shot!

The Swirly Forest

Spinning Angie!

The aforementioned family awoke Christmas Day to see that Santa had arrived and been very kind to us all! We enjoyed the morning and the wonderful turkey dinner (including a nice vegetarian option!)
Christmas Day at the Lally's

Poor James is confused. Lara's here to help!

Merry Christmas, Tim and Angie!

James and Rav play the Worms Game.
(Too bad there aren't pictures of the Cup Stacking Game!)

Richard vs Turkey. Richard wins!

In the Kitchen - Elaine and Lara!

Thanks for a fantastic first five months and all you comments to these 50 posts. Please keep them coming!


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! It's so good to see everyone! I'm glad you got a family filled Christmas, Pete! I miss you.

Peter Bond said...

Miss you too, Lis! But guess what?! I bought a ticket home for two weeks in May!