Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Liveblogging Dec 2010 (Mammoth-Style!)

For those not familiar with the term "liveblogging," it's an event where the artist uploads images of a work-in-progress (WIP) live, as they work on it.

Over at ART Evolved, the next gallery features Elephants and relatives, so I'll be liveblogging my effort in creating a restoration of a woolly mammoth today and in the next few days.  I foresee a pen and ink sketch with digital colouring.

I will be attempting to add updates to this post in an effort to maintain containment.

Post 1- Dec 20th 2:05pm PST
Preliminary pencil sketch.

Post 2 - 3:02pm PST
Pen and ink pointillism begins.  Scanner scans only half of him = annoying.  
I promise the full guy next hour!

Post 3 - 4:45pm PST
And here the scanner cut off part of his right tusk, but at least captured his lovely legs!  The pen and ink stage continues, finding doing fur/hair with pointillism slightly challenging...

Enough for today! 

Post 4 - Dec 21 10:16am PST
Good morning!  Here is the final pen and ink version that I have scanned.  Now to import it into GIMP (my free Photoshop substitute) and begin the digital colouring.  Once the animal is coloured, the big question is should I attempt to recreated a background?  Or should I simply place the critter into a photograph of the appropriate habitat?  Thoughts?

Post 5 - 11:56am PST
Well, an hour later and all I've got done is import the mammoth into GIMP and isolate him into layers.  Not a lot to look at, but vital as I begin colouring!

For everyone's interest, here is the reference photo I used for this restoration.  Royal Tyrrell Museum's wonderful woolly mammoth mount:
(Young me for scale.)

Post 6 - 1:02pm PST

Time for lunch!  Here we have the first stage of base colour and shading done in GIMP with multiple layers.  This particular pachyderm will sport a black and dark brown fur coat.  No decision on the background as of yet... 

Post 7 - 2:39pm PST

More layers of colour and texture...  
We'll have to leave it there for today.  Will try to pick it up tomorrow!

Here is the final composition.  Big thanks to Craig Dylke for the background photo.
The final mammoth...


Anonymous said...

Nice stuff Peter.
Looking forward to seeing the coloured version.

Peter Bond said...

Thanks Matt. I'm quite curious as to what the coloured version will look like as well!

Anonymous said...

Looking good!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

liking it!