Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Anomalocaridid Gallery is up on ART Evolved!

The NEW GALLERY is UP! Click here and see the amazing paleoart inside the Anomalocaridid Time Capsule - CHECK IT OUT!

A Schinderhannes - one of my submitions to the Anomalocaridid Gallery

Also, the November Gallery's topic was decided! SAUROPODS! Two months to get your art drawn, coloured, painted, sculpted, filmed, built, and flavoured - and all about the long-necks!


Raptor Lewis said...

I saw and I loved!!! In fact, you should be proud of yourself, dude! I also noticed that you went with one of the lighting effects YOU did!! (It was the Searchlight-like beams, if I recall correctly.) NIcely Done, and I think I prefer your lighting choice to Craig's with his "Holy Opibinia," I think was! LOL!! Again, Nicely Done!!! :D

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I also liked your Anomalopartycaris cartoon!

Peter Bond said...

Thank you very much, Raptor and Dinorider. I had fun in this Gallery! When are we going to see your art on ART Evolved?

Raptor Lewis said...

ME? Well...I've thought about it and it really depends if I can find time to Draw AND get it on the web! That's my BIGGEST problem right now! :)

I HAVE decided on the Carnival that I WOULD be on if I COULD get it submitted and that is this upcoming Gallery!! :)

So, I say expect it, but I WON'T Guarantee it! lol!

Oh yeah...You're MORE than welcome for the Compliments, dude!! I meant EVERY Word!!

I'm also glad YOU had fun!! :D