Thursday, September 03, 2009

Article on ART Evolved in EARTH Magazine!

What a week it has been for ART Evolved! First off, we have the opening of the Anomalocaridid Time Capsule, spilling lovely Cambrian artwork everywhere. And secondly, ART Evolved has been featured in an article in EARTH Magazine!

Cover image obtained from here.
"Paleo-artists get creative"

On pages 64 and 65 of the Septermber issue of EARTH Magazine, Craig and I are interviewed about paleoart, the blogging community, and the creation of ART Evolved. The article not only includes art pieces by both Craig and I, but also pieces by fellow artists Glendon and Zach! It's a great article and well written (by Carolyn Gramling), so get your copy of EARTH and check us out!


Raptor Lewis said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :D You Guys Earned it!!!! :D

Zachary said...

I'm trying to get a copy, I swear! Very exciting, though, and humbling! I'm glad she used the walrodont instead of the horrible Permian beach scene that she originally intended to use. *shudder*

Peter Bond said...

Haha! Yeah, she did a great job! But, man, was it hard to find a copy. I searched from magazine shop to 7-11 to bookstore - nothing! Finally, I found it yesterday in a magazine shop called "Does Your Mother Know." I bought them out - I now own the only 2 copies of the magazine in Vancouver! Good luck with your search!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I'll try to track it down

Congrats Peter!