Thursday, September 03, 2009

Catchiest Song in the Universe

I Am A Paleontologist

Be sure to see this video by There Must Be Giants if you are, like me, interested in paleontology or educational entertainment!

Warning though: the chorus will be stuck in your head all day. "I am a ..."


Rhonwyn said...

thanks Peter...Craig was playing that this morning before he went off to work, and now I have to sit in a dark and windowless computer lab all day with it in my head. Bring on the straightjacket, I may need it by the end of the day...

Raptor Lewis said...

"I am a....Paleeeontooologist! That's What I am..." Oh no!!!!! It's already happened!! NOOO! LOL!! ;)

Seriously, Peter! That Was COOL!! Thanks for Posting....and for driving me EVEN MORE insane...if THAT was even possible!! LOL!! ;)

By the way, Judging by Ms. Rhonwyn's comment, I assume that the "I am a Paleontologist" bug got Craig as well, lol. Nice Job!! LOL!! :D