Monday, August 17, 2009

Live Blogging 13

Which of these two lighting schemes do you like better?

I am leaning towards the first one. At this point, I can't think of how to improve this anymore. Any ideas?

I feel it is done-ish at this point. I am quite please as to how it turned out and how this process went. I must say I really want to continue the live-blogging, but I don't want to start a new piece. So, at this point, I will stop and have desert! Thanks for watching!


Paul Clarke said...

Hey Pete,

I too like the first of the two choices. You made incredible progress today... and like you said, quite the menagerie of critters.

Fabulous work! Thanks for sharing.

Glendon Mellow said...

Amazing. I'll echo Paul: incredible progress in one day. You make me look like a slacker.

I like the first one also, because the colours are nice and bright. But the gajillion shafts of light does give the second one some nice depth.

Raptor Lewis said...

Looks good, dude! I like the little shine on the Anomalocaris. It kind of gives the impression that it's wet. Pretty cool! :)

Again, sorry about earlier, dude! :P

kahrani said...

Wow, you've done a wonderful job. Hard to decide, but I think I like the first one a little more because it's brighter than the second.

Zachary said...

Top one, no doubt.

So close the ocean surface, more light should be shining through the waves. Wonderful piece, Glendon. I'm unforunately stepping out of the next gallery (no time to produce something halfway decent) but it's good to see these Cambrian wierdos getting some love!

Zachary said...

I meant Peter. Brain fart. Old age, you know.

Peter Bond said...

Paul - Thanks man, glad you were able to join me today! The first one is the "final" version so far, but I still want to add painted details to the anomalocaris and the reef. Stay tuned!

Glendon - Thanks for watching too, and for the inspiration! I look forward to your next dabble with live-blogging.

Raptor - Thanks for catching that! I was trying to give the impression of it being underwater, which is tough! I plan to add more "gleams" to the critters when I come back to it.

Kahrani - Thanks too! It is brigther! I was attempting to make this piece darker and moodier than my Pterosaur Babies piece, but it ended up just as bright and colourful! Getting away from a certain style is tough!

Zach - Thanks for the tip, man! You are absolutely right that more light would shine on the reef. Definitely will be adding that next. And I so don't mind being mixed up with someone of Glendon's talent! Heh! No worries!

Dinorider d'Andoandor said...

I might choose the bright first one despite prefering the second picture's darker bottom part.

Raptor Lewis said...

No problem, dude!

Could you give me some tips some time, dude? I'd really appreciate it. I'd never figured out how to do those effects. :) Again, Awesome!!

BLOGTROT said...

Diggin the second more

Raptor Lewis said...

Yeah, I agree! You probably should add more "gleams" of sunlight. The Anomalo IS pretty close to the surface!! :)

I think I might look into Photoshop at some point! I've heard AND seen good things from it, especially from YOU and Craig!

PIP Rocks!!!! :D

BTW-Where are you, man? Has work got it's grip on you again? Well, I understand. I miss you, dude!! :)

Peter Bond said...

Thanks Dinorider and BLOGTROT, this piece is NOT done! Once I get more inspired, I'll take him off the fridge and finish the darn guy.

(Part of me doesn't want to work the piece more for fear of overworking it and messing it up! I think this is a natural fear of any artist/creator: the "When to stop" quagmire!)