Thursday, January 15, 2009

Welcome to the Philippines - Vol. 4 (SCUBA!)

Into the deep...

While in the Philippines, I learned how to scuba dive - getting my open water and my advanced open water certifications in the waters near Panglao, Bohol. One of the advanced dives was a underwater photography dive and here are the pics:


Lisa said...

Nice site over-haul Pete!! It looks cool! Your undersea pics are AMAZING!! Woah!

Raptor Lewis said...

Beautiful! Looks like soemthing reminiscent of the TV show Planet Earth. I wish I could scuba dive.

The coral was amazing!! I also loved the seaturtle!!

BTW, Peter, was that you in the majority of photos?

Mitch said...

Those pics look amazing!

Peter Bond said...

Lisa - Thanks! And a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Raptor - Yup, I am in most of the pics with the blue wetsuit. Diving is amazing and I have become completely addicted to it! All my new travel plans are to destinations with water and exciting marine life!

That sea turtle was awesome. we saw it stop and start eating the sea grass so we crept up on it, slowly, and took some fantastic shots up close!

Greg - Thanks dude, I appreciate that! Need to buy my own waterproof casing for my camera!

Raptor Lewis said...

I've kind of always wanted to learn how to scuba dive. I've just never mentioned it. Anywho, I'm glad you found a cool hobby for yourself. That's always important.

Peter, one thing I've learned that is engraved in my heart and soul is that there's no point in doing anything if you aren't happy doing it. Forget the fact that it makes you look "cool" or it pays well. What matters is your happiness. That is the most rewarding thing for yourself. Jobs that make you happy are the one's that "pay" well. For you, it's SCUBA!!

Anyway, when you DO Scuba Dive, always post those pics (if you DO bring your camera that is.)