Sunday, January 11, 2009

Welcome to the Philippines - Vol. 1

Three weeks after returning from Korea and the Philippines, I am prepared to share some of the pics from my travels. Completely indulgent, I know, but hopefully helpful!

It seems that few people have travel to the Philippines. Most people tend to choose Thailand as their East Asian Country Of Choice, but - due to the political protesting at the beginning of December - my Thailand Trip was changed into a Philippines Fiesta! These posts might be an informative aid to guide your future vacation to this wonderful country!

At Incheon Airport, about to fly to Cebu

The loud and crazy Jeepnees in Cebu

Ukuleles everywhere

The Cross of Magellan raised in 1521


Raptor Lewis said...

Nice Pictures! When I choose to leave the country for a vacation, I'll have to remember this post.

Peter Bond said...

Thanks Raptor, but there are more pics coming!

Raptor Lewis said...

Great! Keep 'em comin'.