Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome to the Philippines - Vol. 3

More shots from beautiful Panglao Island off Bohol, where I did my scuba diving course. The resort I stayed at was Lost Horizons, which is right on the beach surrounded with palm trees and tropical beauty.

Next door is Philippines Fun Diver scuba shop, a wonderful new place with fun and knowledgeable staff. Like I said before, I highly recommend them for scuba diving in the Bohol area.

Philippines Fun Divers

Lost Horizons Resort



Next: Underwater Scuba photos!


Raptor Lewis said...

The Phillipines are Beautiful!! I'm a little envious of you. There are two places that I've always wanted to go: Hawaii, and the Bohol of the Phillipines. Keep'em comin', dude! I wanna see those underwater pics next.

"Gecko!" LOL!!

Raptor Lewis said...

Actually, I have never wanted to go there until now. I just love the pics.
BTW, why did you take a picture of a gecko?

Jewels said...

beautiful pics! There are so many places in this world I want to go, you've just added another to my list. damn.