Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Introducing ART Evolved

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have the pleasure of announcing an ongoing project - begun by Craig and I, and inspired by the online palaeo-blog community - to inspire people into creating and sharing art online - specifically palaeontological art (or Palaeoart).

I introduce to you: ART Evolved, a movement to bring artists together and share work through, first, online galleries (blog carnival style) and secondly, hopefully, through a cohesive Palaeoart Blog.

For more, check out all the information on the Prehistoric Insanity Productions blog.

The first gallery will focus on Ceratopsians (horned dinosaurs) and open March 1st. EVERYONE can enter artwork. Please! If you feel inclined to join in and participate in ART Evolved, please send us your ceratopsian artwork to traumador@gmail.com and we will post it up in the March 1st Gallery!

Searching the net, I am unable to find a similar location where artists and scientists, amateur and professional come together and share, discuss and relish in all things Palaeoart.

So here is begins - ART Evolved. Spread the word.


Raptor Lewis said...

I know, I heard! I can't wait, dude!! You guys might actually get to see some of my creations. However, I have no way to get my physical drawings onto the computer, let alone the internet. Any suggestions?

Raptor Lewis said...

Dude, thank you for the kind words. I won't disappoint you or the other readers. Glad you enjoy the blog.

Zach said...

Find a scanner, brother! I used to the one here at work 'til I bought my own. I'm excited about this, Peter. I've got to get movin' on my Einiosaurus.