Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bugs of Korea!

A freekin BIG Korean bug flew into our TV room and had to be captured and released out the window! It is about 10cm long, head to wing tip.

And it makes the loudest noise - shi-shi-shi-shi-sheeeeeer...

The locals here call it a Meme. Any idea what kind of insect it is?

Either way, it was so cool!


Zachary said...

Geezus, that's creepy. And huge. Cicaeda, maybe?

Anonymous said...

EW! Why did it have to be captured and released out the window?????? Why didn't you pin it to a cork board for trophy purposes??? It's gonna come back to haunt you now!
:P ucky!

Peter Bond said...

Zach - Yeah man, but it's the droning ear-splitting noise it makes that creeps me out! Maybe a Cicada? YES! It's an Asian Cicada! Cheers!

Anon - If I have the chance, I like to save lives! While the scientist in me wanted to study it more, it belonged outside. If it becomes a ghost cicada and comes to haunt me, then I'll be scared!

leslie said...

It's a cicada.
Same here in the US.
It's the sound of hot mid-day summer.
And it's l-o-u-d!