Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hope for my Lost Chinese Flight

The Epic of No-China has taken a tentative step in the positive direction.

After calling the helpful people at Southern China Airlines, they informed me that I can only cancel or exchange my now-useless flight to Beijing through the cheap online ticket agency I bought them through. So I called the customer service number, and after many attempts, I got through to a real person.

Turns out that I can cancel my flight, but the company won't give me a refund. What they will do is give me credit with the airline for a future flight. Actually, this is alright. While I won't be able to travel this vacation (it's Chusook - Korean Thanksgiving = too many people traveling = too expensive), I still have 3 months here to use the ticket. I, of course, need to confirm all of this.

So with that sorted, I can choose another destination for later travel. Japan? Tokyo? Singapore? Kuala Lumpor? Hong Kong? Any ideas?

Where do you think I should go?


Prehistoric Insanity said...

I'd go either Toyko or Hong Kong myself.

Rhonwyn tells me there's some cool Dinos at the Hong Kong Museum, but Toyko is Toyko. If you go the Japan route let me, and I'll put you in touch with Yumi (from the Ed department at the Tyrrell if you recall). I JUST dropped her off at the airport for her return flight to Japan.

Be in touch about my Drum adventures shortly hopefully

Lisa said...

GO TO JAPAN!!! It's SO amazing there. You'd LOVE it! I did. :)

Anonymous said...

Ok, just heard you are back from North Korea... did you get kidnapped or somthing?? WHAT on earth motivated a desire to go to North Korea?? YIKES!!!!
Glad you are back in a bit safer territory however!!!
Fill us in!

Kirstin said...

Peter, I want to go to Japan to look at some dinosaurs at The Fukui museum and the NSM in Tokyo. So, I think you should go to Japan too.

Peter Bond said...

Craig, Lisa, and Kirstin:
I think Tokyo is where I will go! As you said, it is famous for Godzilla, has great museums, has yummy sushi, is where Lost in Translation (and many other films) is set, and I have friends there. Hong Kong is also on my list, but I am planning to go there as a stop-over for a fwe days on the way to Thailand.

Yes, I went to North Korea - or as close as I could! I went to the DMZ here and I will have a full post wit pictures shortly! The experience was exciting and scary...

Anonymous said...

I think that you probably still try for China. Just extend your residency visa in Korea so it fits with their regs and then come here. Also I think that it's really strange about the residency visa requirements on the Chinese side, as you should be able to get a Chinese visa regardless of what kind of Korean visa you have as one has nothing to do with the other.