Sunday, September 21, 2008

Damon on Palin on Dinosaurs

I don't usually delve into politics, but it seems it's time to get a little political.

I've been following the American election closely here in Korea - by reading the newspaper at work, checking in with and watching the Daily Show and the Colbert Report online.

In fact, I find the American election much more interesting than the Canadian one (yes, Canada is having an election too!)

Republican John McCain's pick for Vice President surprised and shocked me. Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska with no experience - at home (mayor of a small Alaskan town and less than two years as governor) or abroad (she "can see Russia from her home!")

Is it just me, or can nobody else see that Palin was only nominated because she is young and she can get all the disgruntled Hillary Clinton voters and the scary right-wing gun-totin' voters. Come on!

Internet rumours also ask the question: Does Sarah Palin, a creationist, believe dinosaurs existed 4000 years ago?

Apperently this is a major concern for non other than Matt Damon (Jason Borne!) Check it out:

"Crazy. I mean, did she, I mean I really need to know if she thinks dinosaurs were here 4000 years ago. That's an important...I wanna know that, I really do. Because she's gonna have the nuclear codes. You know, I wanna know if she thinks dinosaurs were here 4000 years ago. Or if she banned books, or tried to ban books. I mean, this is...this is...we can't have that." -Matt Damon

As a teacher, I believe it is incredibly important that leaders are well educated. The thought that she might actually think dinosaurs lived with humans, or that she might have banned books scares me.

To be honest, I absolutely want Obama and Biden to win. Oh man, do I want Obama to win! If I was American, I'd be a Democrat. And I don't just want Obama to win because he might become the first black president, but because I am scared of McCain and Palin. He is old (72!), and if he dies, she would become the President of the United States. And that is scary.

Time to lighten up this post! Here's a recent segment from the Daily Show about Sarah Palin:


Glendon Mellow: The Flying Trilobite said...

You are so right, Bond.

All too often we hear, 'what does it matter how much science they know?'

It matters a lot. It's the same problem we have here in your home and native land with Stockwell Day: he's in charge of Public Safety, and (it's rumoured) doesn't believe in evolution. What do we do if H5N1 hits? Viruses mutate and evolve.

Matt Damon is right, we should know what they think about things like this.

Peter Bond said...

Yeah, I agree with you Glendon.

Science is important. Science is the ability to think critically, solve problems and have an important knowledge base. Stockwell Day. Scary.

What about the current man, Mr. Harper? What are his scientific beliefs? And the other leader's, for that matter?!!

Angelica said...

Hey Peter, (I posted this elsewhere in your blog)I don't know if you remember me. We were at the Tyrrel Museum, living in the farm, in the summer of 2004. I am Angelica, the spanish girl. I am very happy to know about you! You have traveled a lot!!
I think that you are right in your comment.
Lots of luck!!

Zach said...

Alaskans up here are pretty well split on Palin. She's facing some fairly serious charges up here regarding abuse of power and conflicts of interest. She believes the Earth is 6,000 years old and that people were riding around on dinosaur's backs. She's also very much against polar bears being endangered because that means tighter regulations for our oil fields.

Wouldn't want THAT.

Initially, everyone was very proud of her, but now many Alaskans are wondering how she's fare on the national stage. Parading her family around didn't help anything, either. But yeah, she'll have her hand on the The Big Red Button. I want our Presidante to be somewhat familiar with basic scientific principles!

leslie said...

Hi Bond,
Thanks for adding a comment over at my blog.

This woman is scary.

I think we should elect Tina Fey instead. I wonder what Tina Fey knows about dinosaurs... :)

Raptor Lewis said...

You guys are Sooooooooooooo right. Palin has scared me thrugh the whole election and she's....just plain wierd. She can't even handle an interview. Even Katie Couric of our CBS News show looked at her strangely. Thank God that it's over. Not only that, Bond. Barack Obama won!!!:) He's our (the United States) next president (44th). A big deal as this election was historic. It made history. Now, McCain isn't that bad. I respect him as he is an American War hero. Palin.........palin, palin....hmm..........I don't know......she scared me and still does.